Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

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advantages of professional teeth whitening

The day has come for that long-awaited job interview. You’ve got your notes ready, ate a good breakfast, and now all you need to do is make that great first impression.

It’s often said that one of the first things people notice about each other is their smiles. Being able to show off a beautiful white smile that truly shines can make all the difference when it comes to meeting new people or reconnecting with old friends. If you’re looking to enhance your smile for any such reason, then you may want to consider receiving professional teeth whitening in NE Calgary.

To learn more about this, contact our local dental practice. We’ll put you in touch with a dentist near you who will be able to answer all your questions.

Teeth Whitening Explained

Teeth whitening in Temple is arguably the most well-known form of cosmetic dentistry. This process entails applying a special bleaching agent to your teeth to remove stains.

Hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen carbamide are the most frequently used substances to brighten up your smile; this is because they’re extremely effective at penetrating the enamel and dentin that reside on the surface of your teeth and removing discoloration.

There are two main modes of teeth whitening: in-office and at-home.

In-Office Whitening

Also called professional teeth whitening, this process involves visiting a dentist in NE Calgary. First, your mouth will be physically examined, and x-rays will be taken so that your dentist can establish a baseline of your oral health and better understand what needs to be done to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Once they’ve given you the green light to go ahead, and you’ve discussed the shade of white that’d you’d like your teeth to resemble, the whitening agent will be applied. You’ll be given a specific amount so that it doesn’t damage your enamel. If you experience any sensitivity, let your dentist know so they can take measures to ensure that you’re kept comfortable.

The bleach will be applied to your teeth and left to sit for about a minute. A special light is employed to activate the chemicals. It’ll then be wiped off and reapplied as many times as it takes to illuminate your smile.

At-Home Whitening

Some people are more inclined to whiten their smiles within the comfort of their own homes. Fortunately, thanks to modern dental techniques, such an option has become a lot easier than it ever used to be.

Before you decide to go ahead with any DIY method, however, always be sure to do your research and even speak to your dentist in Temple who can provide you with more information.

Listed below are some of the most effective ways you can go about improving the appearance of your teeth on your own:

  • Brushing and flossing after meals! This is arguably the best and simplest way to keep your mouth healthy and help it shine.
  • Attending a dental cleaning and checkup every six months.
  • Brushing with baking soda and toothpaste. The acidity in the baking soda works to remove stains, while the
  • toothpaste stops it from damaging your teeth.
  • Rubbing lemon peels on your teeth.
  • Swishing with coconut oil.
  • Whitening trays and toothpaste.

Additionally, not smoking and consuming less food and drinks like berries, soy sauce, currency, wine, tea, and coffee will also help.

The Benefits of Professional Whitening

There are benefits to both approaches but it’s good to keep in mind that no treatment is 100% perfect.

With that said, your dentist in NE Calgary will typically recommend undergoing professional whitening for many reasons, which are described below for your convenience:

  1. It’s safe!
  2. It’s reliable!
  3. You’ll be able to see results immediately.
  4. It lasts! Unlike DIY treatments where you’ll need to touch up your smile every couple of weeks or so, in-office whitening can last up to three months at least. This will also help you save money in the long run.
  5. Only one, 60-minute appointment is needed.
  6. It’ll boost your self-confidence!

At Temple Square Dental, we offer effective treatment for teeth whitening near you. Our capable and friendly dental team is here to lend a hand and walk alongside you on your oral health journey. It’s never too late to obtain the smile of your dreams. Come by, call, or go to our website to get started today!